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Wa Para 14.45 HRT Problem


Doctor's Corner

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Old September 28th, 2005, 20:32   #1
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Wa Para 14.45 HRT Problem

Hello folks!

Ok, i fill up the mag, cock back the hammer. It cycles weakly and no bb's come out. Sometimes i need to recock it to make it cycle.

Has this happened to anyone's WA?

Slight suspicion it's the hammer spring being too weak. Im looking into getting the following:

*Guarder 150% Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring for WA 5inch .45 Series /Para (would this even work?)
*Guarder Stainless Steel Hammer for WA .45 Series - STANDARD
*Guarder Enhanced Loading Muzzle for WA .45 Series
*Guarder Stainless Steel Chamber for WA Para SCW

This should all be compatible correct?

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Old September 30th, 2005, 01:01   #2
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Location: Hong Kong
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your symptoms could be caused by so many factors it's funny to fix, you'll see:

1. broken release valve
2. broken release valve seal (oring)
3. swell release valve inner o-ring prevents the nipple to stick out enough
4. didn't charge the mag properly (not full)
5. gas routing rubber worn, broken, split.
6. worn firing pin
7. worn hammer spring
8. slide too tight
9. chamber slide engagment tarded
10. breech loose
11. floating valve damaged
12. floating valve spring damaged
13. breech and hammer catching
14. magcatch worn, mag sits lower (leaking gas when fire)
15. mag's magcatch notch worn
16. firing pin not smooth enough
17. hammer spring housing stub (where the strut sits) worn down

Any or all combinations up there would do it. It's crazy man, when something like this comes up for me I practically spend a week on it.
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Old September 30th, 2005, 01:09   #3
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i have a metal frame and a metal slide and a guarder metal chamber for your gun. msg me if you are ever interested in the upgrades. i 'm selling them all at once.

and also, if you are ever interested in selling the hrt, msg me, i'd be considering maybe for other WA trades.

1911s & 2011s
Collection: custom WA Colt Springfield V12 (FMU), custom WA Para HRT SCW (FMU), custom WA Prokiller Mark F6 (FMU), custom WA Kimber Marsoc SCW 3 (FMU)
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