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PPS Bizon 3



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PPS Bizon 3

I picked this up a week ago, had some time to go through it so I thought I would share my experiences with it so far.

The Bizon 3 is an smg in the the most unique form. From its cantilever, top-folder stock to its corkscrew type magazine. I fell in love with it after playing COD MW.....

This gun is branded as PPS but it is in fact E&L Gen 1

I picked it up overseas and delivery was easy however it was not packaged as well as it could of been and it did suffer some mild, cosmetic damage. The seller who was fantastic to work with but more padding in the boxes please.

Everything on this aeg is steel minus the trigger and gearbox.

Disassembly was easy, removing the gearbox and barrel required removing the motor screws and cantilevering it out.

Gearbox is marked "Land Arms", motor is not branded. airseal at the piston head and cylinder was non-existent.

I replaced the brass cylinder with a stainless ported unit, replaced the piston head with an aluminum ball-bearing head and new o-ring.

factory nozzle is the long ak-type and with it being a non-airseal nozzle I was impressed on the fit so i kept it in the aeg.

I also left the cylinder head alone as it seemed adequate and i didnt feel like journeying out for one.

Lubrication was lacking so fresh grease went in and a fresh shimming to locate everything correctly when everything starts spinning around.

The hop unit is alloy, black with black slider indicative of Gen 1 E&L guns.

The hop up slider was sloppy despite snugging up the screw so a shim went in as a washer and works brilliantly.

I left the factory "W" bucking and barrel and upon reassembly i gently filed the inner edge of the outer barrel and pressed in a brass barrel locating ring for accuracy.

Reassembly was straight forwards. and a chrono test gave me 358 with .28's which to me seems good for a short barreled field gun.

I did debate on installing a longer barrel inside a PBS1 but went with the factory barrel length for now.

All in all, using parts I had in my parts bin I would say the outcome was good.

This AEG is the closest 1:1 one can find. The magazine however is concerning. I'm not a fan of the fishing wire pull string but the quality is very good. Feeding (so far) with a 7.4v is good but the rof is low. a 11.1 may show it's short comings down the road.

A K-Var side mount was added after adjusting the mounting screw.

I have seen the video torture tests of other E&L AK's and I can say that this is no different in terms of sheer brute materials used.

Other Bizon AEG's rock different dimensions but magazines are more readilly available in both mids and hi-caps. As much as I know this brand only comes with the 800 round highcap.

I'm sorry but I didn't have time to snap picks.

Let me know if you want to share any info or experiences of your own with this aeg.

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