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How to install the battery in G&G M4 CQD and CQB (any any similar guns)


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Wasteland Willy
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How to install the battery in G&G M4 CQD and CQB (any any similar guns)

As you may know, insertion of the battery into the sliding stock of the M4 CQD and CQB models can be tricky. The process shown in the manual isn't much help. Here's a better way that works well for me AND allows you to reliably fully collapse the buttstock!

NOTE: The pictures linked below show Dean's plugs attached to the battery pack. This was an aftermarket modification. The stock guns do not come with Dean's plugs. This does not in any way affect the directions below.

Whatever you do - never force anything while closing the stock. If it's binding on something then it's probably a pinched cable. Forcing it will only break a wire.
  1. Remove the buttstock. You need to pull out hard on the adjustment lever to clear the lip on the buffer tube to slide it off completely.
  2. Locate and pull out the small hollow triangle-like battery frame from inside the buttstock.
  3. Fit this frame around the charged battery. Pull the plug through the top hole.
  4. Plug the battery into the gun and slide the battery frame (holding the battery) onto the buffer tube. Tuck the plugs and cable into the buffer tube as you go along.
  5. Slide the buttstock onto the buffer tube (you need to pull hard on the adjustment piece when removing and installing it)
  6. It should slide all the way to the most collapsed position.
  7. Now to install the battery plugs (which cover the battery tubes), remove the buttstock - it should take the battery with it.
  8. Pull it off the buffer tube JUST ENOUGH to barely clear it; you want just enough room to put the plugs in and twist them into place.
  9. Re-install the buttstock onto the buffer tube. If you did it right, it should be able to collapse all the way back down again.

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