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WE Mags low on gas, and not filling


Doctor's Corner

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Old June 30th, 2017, 01:37   #1
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WE Mags low on gas, and not filling


After fixing my WE M4 with some new hopup, rubber and inner barrel, I'm having trouble with my mags. I should mention that I had other WE GBBRs before, and I think I know how to fill them cause I got 2-3 mags worth of bbs out of one gas fill.

I bought 4 new mags a while ago (about 4-5 month), and filled them with some silicone propane and left it stored away. I have tried them when they first arrived, and it shot fine. I don't have a lot of space so I only shot 3-5 shots per mag to see if they are good.

I took them to the field the other day (on 2 occasions), first time it was kinda cool, about 15-18 degree out and all my mags only fires 3-5 rounds and it will run out of gas. it doesn't matter how long I try to fill them, they won't fire more than 3-5 shot. (still weird, even my WE pistol mags can still fire 1 and a half mags before running out, it's not really cold outside)

second time to the field I got 3 mags shooting a bit more than half a mag before running out of gas. The 4th mag won't take any gas at all, it doesn't vent, nor make a sound, it just flat out don't fill at all. It was around 25 degrees outside.

What could be the problem? I don't hear any sound, and that mag just won't fill no matter what...

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Old June 30th, 2017, 15:48   #2
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Is your propane/green gas can full? If it's running low the pressure between your mag and the tank will be at equilibrium, so eventually no propane gets transferred into your mag. Try a new tank.
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Old July 1st, 2017, 10:12   #3
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First, especially if you have a metal propane adapter, check the tip for the tiniest ding or dent, a very small dent can prevent a metal tip from getting ito the valve properly

secondly, all non venting mags (mags that dont hiss out hte valve when you fill them) are very temperature sensitive to fill, if your propane tank is not warmer than your mag there will only br gravity pulling down, against the HIGHER pressure in the mag caused by the higher temperature, try putting the mags in the fridge for a few minutes so cool the metal and the propane should flow more happily

kinda off topic from here but also, as a PSA, ppl advertise and sell these "silent fill Orings" for mags that eliminate the venting action that works to cool the magazine and let it fill properly, these are straight up detrimental to performance of the mags in this specific way, and IMO a total scam
thought process of the silent fill ppl:
"TM mags, vent, and work every time all the time,
WE mags and KJW mags are a pain to fill sometimes and unreliable
yea lets make our TM mags more like those mags, were the smartest!"

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Old July 2nd, 2017, 03:51   #4
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my green gas can is a near fresh can (filled about 4-5 of WE Glock 25rd mags).

The temp of both the mag and can should be the same, they have been in the same bag for at least 1-2 hours before I got to the field...

The adapter is plastic, its the AI adapter cause people said the metal ones are not as great so I bought the plastic one...

It's weird cause the mag that came with the PDW (the 5th one, but it's old), is fine, it can fill to give me 2 mags of pew's only the new ones I got are being a pain in the ass...
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