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Flying Airsoft Guns from Toronto to Hong Kong



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Old November 30th, 2016, 19:12   #1
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Flying Airsoft Guns from Toronto to Hong Kong

Dear All,

I am moving back to Hong Kong after 30 years in Toronto and I wish to bring my airsoft gear (an AEG and two GBB pistols) with me.

Has anyone tried to fly airsoft guns as checked luggage from Toronto to Hong Kong on Air Canada? Any experience with Hong Kong Customs?

Leaving Toronto

I have reviewed Air Canada's policy and airsoft guns seem to fall under their list of accepted firearms (specifically BB guns / air pistols):

I have them packed in an appropriate hard shell, non-transparent case with trigger locks on them. I've also included the receipts and a brief letter explaining that they were purchased legally in Canada and meet the muzzle energy limits.

So hopefully, leaving Toronto will not be an issue.

Entering Hong Kong

Hong Kong only requires that airsoft guns have a muzzle energy below 2 Joules (equivalent to 465.19 FPS with 0.20g 6mm BBs).

Anyone have experience importing airsoft into Hong Kong?

Thank you and cheerio!!

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Old December 1st, 2016, 00:14   #2
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Considering it is so much cheaper to buy airsoft guns in HK, why don't you disassemble the guns and bring everything except the main body? I mean you can bring in / get out almost everything you need (except for the upper/lower for M4, main body for G36, etc.)

Also you're probably going to make good $$ selling the guns here.

It seems to me that its a better option than the hassle you are going to get.
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Old December 2nd, 2016, 11:52   #3
Join Date: Oct 2013
Dear All,

I am happy to report that I had experienced no issues with bringing the airsoft guns onboard Air Canada as checked luggage, and I had no issues with HK Customs and HK Airport Police.

1. Plan to arrive early at the airport in YYZ since the paperwork takes a while (roughly 1 hour including the line-up time). Despite what the Air Canada ushers tell you, do not go in the line for bag drop.

At some point, the Air Canada personnel at the computer terminal will ask you to open the cases to visually inspect the guns. This is to verify that they are packed properly without the magazines, gas, and that trigger locks are installed.

Be sure to point out that there is no real ammunition in your luggage.

The remark “WEAP” will be marked on your boarding pass, and the relevant paperwork stapled to your boarding pass.

After all the paperwork is completed, you will be directed to the Oversize Baggage drop off point where CATSA personnel will inspect your cases with the X-ray machine.

2. Upon arrival in HK, expect to have airport staff meet you at the arrival gate. After you have claimed all of your normal luggage, airport staff and security will escort you to Hong Kong Customs where your airsoft guns are being held pending inspection.

Hong Kong Customs will explain that they will need to notify Hong Kong Airport Police to come inspect the airsoft guns. He mentioned that this was normal procedure – many people bring in airsoft guns from Taiwan. For myself, a total of 4 officers came (1 regular uniformed constable, 3 HKP SDU Airport officers) after a short wait. They only need to determine that the guns are toy guns only.

HK Customs and HK Police filled out a white form, but did not require me to sign anything.

Overall, both HK Customs and HK Police were very courteous and professional – even apologetic at the end for taking up my time. The entire process took at most 30 minutes.

Hope the above information helps anyone who wishes to do the same in the future!!


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