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Blue Force Geat Ten-Speed pouches review (8 years later)



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Blue Force Geat Ten-Speed pouches review (8 years later)

I want to write up this review of the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed series of pouches for a while, and now after about 8 years of usage I think I can address one of the concerns about them.

For those who don't know, the Ten-Speed pouches were designed by Blue Force Gear to be lightweight, minimalist, and adaptable. They use a stiff elastic fabric stitched on to a hypalon backing with molle straps built into it. So the overall profile of the pouches are very low and have the ability to hold multiple different items.

The pouches I have are the dump pouch, a double 7.62 mag pouch, and a double pistol mag pouch. The dump pouch is very small when tucked away, and surprisingly very strong as I was able to carry a 10lb barbell in it with no damage. The pistol mag pouches can fit both single and double stack mags with no issue and the retention of them is still good. The 7.62 pouches right now look the worst, but at the same time, it can still retain not only a M4 mag, but also AK mags, tornado grenades, and SR-25 mags. The only mags I found that won't fit are the 417 mags and the amoeba striker mags because they're too wide. Overall, all of them are still functional after 8 years of using them for both real steel and airsoft.

Now there are only 2 negatives to these pouches, and they're both minor inconveniences. First off, when you buy them, the elastic is so stiff that you have to really stretch them out in order to put stuff in. In other words, there is a break-in period before using them. I recommend inserting a mag into the pouch and leave it in there for a few days to loosen it up a bit. The other is that when you remove any item from the pouch, you can't put them back in. Not really an issue unless you're the kind that puts mags back in the same pouch it came it.

In conclusion, the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed pouches are not a bad idea if you are looking for a lightweight, yet durable mag pouch. I mean, I still use them after all these years and they still work great. I recommend them for sure.

Pics will come in later.
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