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Quick Review: Micro T1 Clones for GBBR Use


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Quick Review: Micro T1 Clones for GBBR Use

What is this?
A quick review of 2 brands of clone for Micro T1 style RDS, for use with GBBR

Why write this?
I just happen to buy 2 different one, so I decide to compare them to each other, and compare them to the real deal.

Why buy clone?
I have bought a real deal T1 when an eBay one popped up that was at a very good price, right around the time I built my tacticool GHK AKM GBBR. I really like the sight, and it works fine with my GHK. But after I rebuilt my WA M4 upper, I want to use a T1 on that too. So I decided move the T1 to that instead, but I still need a T1 style sight for the AKM, that'll withstand the recoil of a GBBR, and compatible with RS mount(on the AKM, a Midwest Industries T1 specific top cover). And I also want to get one that can use killflash or something similar for use with my CQB WA M4 upper without worrying about it getting shot out. RS T1 doesn't have those accessories, and their price(both T1 and H1) are quite high to justify buying 2 more for use on airsoft guns(at least for me to justify).

Which ones did I get?
For the CQB WA M4, a Primary Arms MD-10($110,, with a PA specific Seekins Precision SOCOM mount(lower 1/3 cowitness). For the GHK AKM, an AMP Compact Combat Dot Scope($85,

Primary Arms:


Why Those?
Recommendations mostly, AMP was recommended to me by another GBBR user, whom I trust and who uses them with his WA M4s. And the Primary Arms because its sold through RS dealer, and has solid reviews all around. The rumor also was that both came out of the same maker from China, so I was curious to see if that was the case. When I started my search, both of these were out of stock all across everywhere, further fueling the rumor, then when they came back in stock, both came back too(PA one is out again, it is in high enough demand that I've seen multiple ones on eBay they were sold for $200+, which is frankly, ridiculous)

How do they compare to the real thing?
Well they are not the real thing obviously. My T1 is a 4MOA dot, 12 level brightness include first 4 being NV compatible. It does not have any lens thread upfront, and the anodizing is Milspec hard anodized. Brightness knob/power switch has clear "clicks" with knurled texture, and it stops past 12 and 0. The protective covers on the elevation and windage adjustment can be flipped over to use as tool to zero the sight. T1s are rated for 50000 hours of use on 1 lithium ion battery. I am using it with a Larue Tactical LT-660 mount, providing lower 1/3 cowitness with AR-spec iron sight.

The sight picture of the real T1 is pretty clean, I'd say its not as nice as the larger 30mm Aimpoints(M2 M3, M4), but still pretty good. The diode emitter is located in the 4o'clock position and you do notice it sometimes.

The Primary Arms MD-10 is physically identical most dimension, and can be mounted on the T1 size RS mount. The obvious difference aside from the white Primary Arms name, is that the front lens has thread for the included killflash(not shown), and also the finish is not the same color as the RS. The Primary Arms sight has 11 level of brightness adjustment, no NV capability. The elevation and windage adjustment cover does not feature ability to adjust without extra tool, in this case it needs a flathead screw driver. The sight picture of the Primary Arms sight is pretty close to the real deal. The emitter is also located at 4 o'clock position, except its a bit bigger a more noticeable compare to the real thing. The glass has good clarity and very close to the real thing, the dot is a 3MOA dot and is very sharp. The brightness knob has defined click, though feels a bit softer than the real one, and it features a stop at off position so you won't go past the 11 or 0. Mine actually was shipped with a dead battery so I had to visit Radioshack for a new one. Shooting with my WA system M4 GBBR the zero seems to hold quite well, and I've had no issue with it in the rather short time I have with this thus far. The Primary Arms sight comes with a regular mount, killflash, and allen keys for installation. The Seekins mount is an option.

The AMP RDS actually came with a box thats very similar to one that the PA came with. The build quality is very similar from the looks of it. They came with the same basic T1 style mount, same killflash, and same bikini lens cover. Aside from the lack of "Primary Arms" white etching, the finish is identical, it also has 11 level of adjustment, same style of elevation/windage adjustment covers that cannot be use to adjust the sight. But there are some differences to the PA model, first of all is the brightness knob. It does NOT have a stop between 11 and 0, which means you can just keep turning the knob without knowing which position you start or end from. Then when you move to the sight picture, there are more differences. The diode emitter on the AMP sight is at the 6 o'clock position. In and of itself its not a big issue, however when using cowitnessing mount, it could make some difference. In this case, the MI AK mount provides ability to lower 1/4 cowitness with AK height irons, the emitter completely blocks out the iron sight sight picture through the rear sight aperture.For me its not entirely a deal breaking, but it is something to think about, especially considering MI AK top cover's design was specifically for its cowitnessing ability. The dot in the AMP sight is of a unknown size. From the looks of it its probably closer to 6 MOA. Its sharp, but not as sharp as the Primary Arms or the real thing. The glass is also more green tinted than the other two. Shooting with the GHK, seems to hold zero fine and no obivous issue thus far. A note, the extra length of the AMP sight(and likely the same with the PA sight), does not allow the Killflash to be installed with the MI top cover, at least without modification. The AMP sight comes normal T-1 style screw mount, as well as a QD riser mount, a killflash, and a bikini cover.

So, Whats the verdict?

Well really the amount of time I've spent with both are really to short to conclusively know all the issue. But so far both seem to live up to my requirement to use with GBBRs. Both are not quite actual T1, but for the purpose of airsoft they are more than adequate, and the Primary Arms is really quite a steal for the price. Comparing AMP and PA, the PA has some definite advantage over the AMP, the glass is brighter and the dot is sharper. The stop in the brightness knob is much preferred over the infinite turning one. The price difference is negligible IMO, if you can get the PA one, I'd definitely get that, being use in RS also adds a some dependability to it. If not though the AMP dot should serve the purpose of airsoft. Considering also buying both of these with mount is still cheaper than the real T1(or even H1), they are both a pretty good deal.

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