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help me get my first gun!



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Old August 20th, 2019, 01:58   #16
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My first gun was a G&G CM16 Raider and I have no regrets. Great bang for the buck. Sure it had a lot of plastic and the benefit of that was it was light. It was a great entry level gun that I abused for a solid year of consistent airsoft. The nice thing was in between that time you have an opportunity to learn the game, research guns, meet other airsofters and really make a good decision and purchase for your next up coming gun.
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Old August 24th, 2019, 12:08   #17
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Originally Posted by Stone Fox View Post
so I wanna restart doing airsoft (I was playing but a lot younger) and I stopped over some guns choices. Its all G&g because it's easier for me to get. so has a beginner, i've got the choice to invest more into full metal gun, so more durable ( i guess?) but more expensive, the ''high grade polymer reinforce with fiber glass'' but a lot more cheaper, or the polymer again but with ETU and mosfet, moderate price. So these are my choices:
-the advance TR4-18 light
*the CM-16 Raider
* the CM-16 SRS ( the one with ETU(is it worth it?))
*the CM-18 MOD1 ( the one i'll probably get, my best choice so far)
*GC16 Raider S ( i guess the full metal version of the cm-16 raider)
so thanks for you response, i'd like some pros and cons, maybe even some experiences, and i wanna know whats the real difference between full metal and polymer.
If your budget is $200 to $250 buy a Raider CM-16. Hop up is decent just less range than a more expensive gun. I own two and they are good guns. If you have $500 to spend buy a Krytac Trident 2 or a VFC Avalon. I just bought a Krytac and I am very happy with it.
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Old August 24th, 2019, 12:10   #18
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Originally Posted by Dumblins View Post
I just ordered a G&G CM16 SRL yesterday and the vendor also told me the MOSFET on the G&G are somehow bad and the gun might have issues shooting sometimes but it was easily fixed by replacing the MOSFET for a better one.

The vendor also told me that around March or April, G&G are supposed to show their revision 2 of their last CM series with a better stock MOSFET (prototype for now). Either you wait and see or buy and change it if it doesn't work properly.

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As far as I know, the G&G Raider CM16 does not have a MOSFET. Only more expensive guns have one.
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Old August 24th, 2019, 21:13   #19
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I would say get what you can afford. I went off the deep end when I got into the sport spent 500$ on my first rifle alone (VFC M16). Ended up spending around 900$ before playing my first game. So my advice is get a budget and stick to it!

You can have a damm good time with a decent stock rifle like a G&G or even a CYMA and some decent gear. Army surplus stores can be your best friends here for some decent old webbing or tac vests that won't break the bank. I would say G&G if your going the M4/M16 route.
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Old August 31st, 2019, 07:31   #20
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Originally Posted by CharlesMedina View Post
Hmmn, the same thing happened with me also. My Gun was also showing a lot of problems and it was not working properly. I wanted to replace it and it took a lot of time to be replaced. It was a tough experience for me.
Nowadays these problems are common about the games.
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