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Thoughts on cyma



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Old July 10th, 2019, 19:29   #1
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Thoughts on cyma

What r your guys thoughts on all cyma guns?
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Old July 10th, 2019, 20:50   #2
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CYMA guns, my experience

CYMA is a TM spec clone. They were generally purchased as a less expensive alternative to higher end guns when everyone else was buying Classic Army and stuffing TM guts into them.

CYMA held its ground along with Aftermath guns on the field as top tier China clones, some if not most having better performance than their higher priced competition out of the box excluding TM's fantastic hop abilities which couldn't be beat for low fps with distance to target.

Originally made of abs, their MP5 series was very popular as a back up, secondary or primary depending on your style of gaming.

Through the years CYMA turned away from ABS guns and began the tumultuous road towards metal guns. Some were plagued with bodies cracking, others were not. Some were plagued with poor QC, others not. Like most manufacturers some versions of airsoft copies excel in their QC and others not so much.

The metal MP5 series seems to be built well with ease of maintenance being a key point over full, screw by screw disassembly. Like any airsoft purchase the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Having owned many aeg's, gbb's model guns, plug fire kits, I would simply recommend buying what you like with as much info going in to the deal.

Airsoft is a sport of passion, it involves mechanical curiosity which leads to aptitude, springs will fly, you'll lose (your) shit, things will break and you will rage BUT it's just another way of having fun. most of the time. After that the closest friend becomes the nearest tree within swinging distance. I'm kidding, most issues can be fixed.

Honest reviews are your friend but inspect well, chrono often and be willing to get your hands dirty and your guns, regardless of brand do at times have gremlins from the get go. test and test again and buy a good screwdriver kit, watch videos and ask questions. It will help you steer clear of most airsoft related disasters.
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Originally Posted by Liamjack View Post
What r your guys thoughts on all cyma guns?
You need to ask a more specific set of questions otherwise its a waste of everybody's time.
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From my experience, they're one of my go-to companies for a reasonably priced and reliable tank of a gun... With a little preventative maintenance.

As mentioned by Ratters, they're TM spec clones. A lot of compatibility as a result.
I've experienced first hand their AK series (cm.040 and above) to be bomb proof. Their M14's are solid copies of the TM too amongst many, many other guns.

But. I've never heard a good word about their M4's. Perhaps this has changed since 5 years back, I'm no fan of the weapon type so I can't speculate any further. I've had several of the G36's too, unfortunately not as reliable as the JG version (TM Spec) which is again, bomb proof.

Their gearboxes are generally nothing to shout about and usually filled with syrup in the place of grease! But again, as Ratters said, get your hands dirty to clean and re-lube after the first few skimishes. Maybe a good time to learn how to shim too!
Don't take it too much to heart though, no rifle or manufacturer is perfect and often will require maintenance.

They've been progressively moving more and more into metal internal components as well as externals. I'm yet to suffer a cracked gearbox or body that hasn't been a direct action of the user. Now, you'll find most gearboxes in their mid range priced guns are metal with metal externals (if applicable), for 1/2 to 2/3's the price of similar lines by more premium brands.

If you have a specific rifle in mind or part to one we might be able to provide a bit more information.
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Old July 19th, 2019, 21:41   #5
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Good Purchases:

VFC Cloned

• AKS-74U (cm.045)

• AKM (cm.048m)

• AK-74 (cm.048)

• AK-74m (cm.040c)

• AK-105 (cm.040d)

• AIMS & AIMS PMC (cm.050 & cm.050a)

• AKMS (cm.050s)


TM Cloned

• AK-47 (cm.028)

• AK-47s (cm.028s)

• AK-74 (cm.031)

• AK-105, no folding stock (cm.031b)

• AKS-74U (cm.035)

• AKM (cm.036)

• AK-47 metal bodied (cm.042

• AK-47s metal bodied (cm.042s)

• AK-105 skeleton stock (cm.031d)

• AKS-74 skeleton stock (cm.031c)

• AK "Tactical" with LE stock and top rail (cm.039c)

• AK-105 full folding stock (cm.047d)

• AK-74m full folding stock (cm.047c)

• AK-47 with TM cloned recoil blowback system (cm.046)

• AK Spetsnatz with real wood, metal body (cm.042b)

• AK Spetsnatz (cm.037)

CYMA's have generally meh internals that work fine. They aren't fancy, they aren't high performance, but they are sturdy and generally reliable. They'll last you a while but you could definitely stand to replace the Cylinder, Pison Head, Cylinder Head, and the motor. Also the gears too. The TM clones are crap so avoid them, the VFC's are much better.
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