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1) Make and Model
-- G36K, Classic Army
2) Date Purchased
-- October 2006
3) Cost
-- $580
4) New/Used?
-- New
5) Mechanical Problems
-- Charging handle Snapped
-- Tore the secondary stage wire with the fuse removing handguard.
-- Hop up is biased to the left.
6) Esthetic Problems
-- None
7) Rounds Fired Between Failures
-- None
8i) Changes to Internals
-- None
8ii) Changes to Externals
-- Metal Charging handle
-- CA36K RAS with enhanced gas tube and barrel
-- TM Type C Rail
9) Resale Date and Value
-- April 2007 @ 650 with upgrades and battery. (80%)
10)points of mention
-- Stock Scope carry handle is known for bad eye relief. I rather like it however. no optics mounting point.
-- Minis only : P
-- magazines are to clunky, hard to store
-- K RAS needs a 3mm Hex to change batterys.
-- Extremely nice body however the black texture is only color compatible with real steel.
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