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Originally Posted by T_A_N_K View Post
Assuming you are located in the GTA, there are probably a lot of people who would be willing to loan you gear for the video shoot, you just need to ask :P. Clones of real products "IE Black Hawk Serpa's" are a good budget option. Check out army surplus stores as well.

Also it would be a good idea to let local law enforcement know where and when you plan on shooting if the area is publically accessible.

I am not sure on the legaility of the TPS Patch, but without context someone can easily interpret you as impersonating a police officer (Summary Conviction btw) so another good reason to give local leo's a heads up.

Best of luck with the film, post it up when your done.

PS: One more thing, please don't make your duty belt look like below, your exterior belt should be secured to your interior belt, not like a gun slinger. You can rememdy this by using belt keeprs or a velcro interior/exterior belt. You can also try to make them secure them by friction, the outside one slightly tighter than the interior but this would be difficult for someone with a small waist.

proper police/ security pants hav dual belt loops, one small one for a standard sized belt and a larger set for your gun belt

and whats the eta on getting an episode up?

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