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Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
Yes- if you search online long enough you will find a draft where the opposition party discovered that the government was going to make airguns replicas as well and turn a bunch of law abiding canadians into criminals for owning them...and they stopped them... no one in government bothered to stand up for airsoft at the time
A replica is a replica.. it does not matter if its an airgun that fires steel bbs, lead pellets or nothing. If it looks like a gun but in not a firearm its a replica.

The classification of whether any one object is a Replica is a matter of Fact not a matter of Law. To be a replica an object must be proven to be a replica in a court of law. This does not define a class of objects as replicas.

"airsoft" is a meaningless term that has zero legal relevance.

Airsoft guns and airguns that look like real guns are sold under an unspecified condition as they are not classifed as replicas until proven so. This is the so-called "grey area" of the classification of airsoft guns. In every case that I have researched where airsoft guns are material to a crime they have successfuly been proven to be replica firearms and proven as prohibited devices.

So your aursoft gun is "technically" not a replica until you do something stupid with it and get arrested and are convicted. Then it likely will be proven to be a replica and you will face all relevant charges pertaining to the miss use of prohibited devices.
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