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So, got my hands on one. Have to admit I'm a little disappointed in a few things. The quality of the plastic. The KWA feels much nicer in the hand. This thing is surprisingly light, which I'll play a few games before deciding whether it's a good or bad. The mock bolt is comically underwhelming, I don't like the iron sights even a little bit, and I'm annoyed I had to order rails separately.

Despite that, the trigger response is great, it's a 1:1 scale MP7 with 110rd no winding no gas magazines. Color me onboard.

I chrono'd it myself and despite being imported and having been recorded at 400fps by RWA, it's reading sub 350fps w/ a .20. So either my chrono's broken which would suck, or it's somehow dropped a full 50 FPS from being transported? I'm not complaining because if it's the case I'll be able to play it out of the box but I find this an oddity.

The battery space with a small 11.1v is enough but you have to be smart with the cords, it can be surprisingly frustrating to fish them out.

Ultimately whether or not it's worth will come down to how much you want a 1:1 scale MP7 AEG because as I understand it, you can find better performance, externals, and modularity for cheaper.
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