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1) Manufacturer, Model Name
Crosman Stinger
2) Date Obtained
october 2004
3) Initial Cost
About $60
4) New or Used
Brand spanking new
5) Mechanical Problems (Gearbox issues, hopup issues.. basically functional performance related)
every once in awhile it would somehow get a bb into the gearbox kind of area
6) Esthetic Problems (Paint damage, cracks in body, loose parts.. physical construction related)
none that i noticed
7) Rounds fired between failures (think how many bags of BB's used before it failed)
8) Changes to Internals (upgrades, dates)
september 2006 streched the spring to about 3x the origanal size
9) Resale Date and Value if applicable.
it is now in about 400 peices spread about in my basement
10) notes
the gun shattered after maybe 100 bbs after the upgrade and shot he barrel through 2 peices of drywalland kept going
you can strech the spring, but not that much
goggles helped alot in that case to keep my eyes in one peice
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