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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
So, if a G&P SPR with a 150SP spring and 9.6V 3300mAh battery, that is prone to seizing up in the way you describe, and the trigger is pulled full back each & every time, how is it that it still seizes every couple dozen shots?
Since I don't have your gun with me to examine, my best guess is this:

The source to your problem is explained on paragraph 3 where the sector gear disconnector cam continues to push down on the cut-off lever because not enough power is available to further cycle the sector gear.

The solution is in paragraph 5...

In your case, I'd change the wiring and battery plugs to those that are more energy efficient. Go for Deans battery plugs. If that doesn't work, the combo of a large 10.8V battery pack and Deans will definetly solve your problem.

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