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Originally Posted by Bravo One-Six View Post
We should ask what problem you're trying to solve. Is this simply a snow issue? Or is this a multi season tool? What's your budget? What do you have now that's not working, and how is it failing you?

A good pair of boots is a solid choice to start with, but the right ones are more expensive than a pair of gaiters and the boots you own.

I have no experience with the OTTE gaiters. A few friends own the Tasmanian tiger ones and don't mind them but they slip out from under foot.

I've used a cheap pair from MEC, and have a pair of OR expedition crocodiles. Both do just fine keeping snow out in the winter, and debris/mud out in the shoulder seasons. Solid protection almost to the knee.

Crocodiles are a bit easier to put on.

I'd be interested in hearing what the problem is you're trying to solve. That should help us better suggest a product.
I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with the OTTE Gaiters specifically since I could not find any reviews. I thought that the price was fairly decent but I know that sometimes going cheap is never good since you might end up buying again.

I am just researching on building my Rain/Winter gear and I came across the OTTE website and found those. Any suggestions are always welcome.
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