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To try and contribute to OP's question - I have no personal experience with OTTE but they have a good reputation for solid gear and feature-wise, those gaiters do look nice.

I personally use a pair of issued British MTP gaiters - solidly constructed but definitely "heavy" in comparison to many others. They also use laces where the OTTE (and others) use rubber bands underfoot.

Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Before I spent my money on Gaiters I'd certainly look into an 8" - 10" all weather boot instead. I've used Gaiters since I was young, but having weather proof footwear is far superior. Plus you can easily bag and/or tape your boots and cuffs if you need.
He didn't ask about footwear, my man. He asked a question about a specific set of gaiters from a specific manufacturer.

Never mind that suggesting taping/bagging your feet is somehow better than gaiters for marching through brush, scree, etc.
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