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Lightbulb Territory Control Poles / Domination Poles project build log

'Sup, been forever since I've been around ASC but old accounts never die!

I am working on a project named "Territory Control Poles" as a working name (it used to be "Domination Poles" but it seemed a good idea to steer clear of actual game names) and realized others might be interested, so I'm going to post some build log details in this thread. Been working on it off and on since early or mid 2012 at least.

The idea is that these panels are self-contained and wireless (and BB proof!) and have a small LCD and 3 buttons: Red, Green, and Blue. You can play as up to 3 teams together - teams being "Red", "Green", and "Blue" (shocker!)

The basic game is one of territory control - a lot like Domination in videogame land. Push and hold your color to 'capture' a pole. Once captured, the pole starts racking up points for you. Someone else can push THEIR color button to first uncapture, then capture the pole for themselves.

Team that ends the game with the most points, wins! Supports (in this version) from 1-3 poles at a time, with 1-3 teams. Will work indoors or outdoors.

Airsoft games in the past that I have played use this basic concept of territory control well but the "keeping track of shit" part always kind of sucks. Even the little things like coordinating over the radio for start / stop times and stuff can be a drag. This thing was made to take care of all that busywork and just let people play.

When it's done, it'll get installed at Capital Airsoft's indoor location for testing and indoor play. I've known Jeff at Capital Airsoft for a while and they helped make this happen. :salute:

I recently got the circuitboards I designed and ordered, so things can move up a notch in the "getting done" list.

I don't have much for photos of the system (it is working as a test/development setup) but one of the reasons for this thread is to change that and help document it.

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