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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
But you need a gundoc to install it as it requires a complete reqiring of your AEG, you may lose the ability to reliably use your AEG in the rain, and you may need to get your motor tuned down the road when you start upgrading your gun.
Unless you REALLY want 3 shot burst or LiPo batteries, it's not really worth the effort...
I dont know where everyone is going with losing the ability to use it in the rain.

If your using em in enclosed guns (ie P90, M14 etc) There isnt a problem.

On my C7, I put a large 1" diameter heat shrink tubing over the whole unit once installed (connecting wires, contacts, Mosfet etc). Im running firefox 11.1v lipos. Its been in MANY rained out games without any electrical or mechanical issues. If your STILL worried about rain, heatshrink your connectors (you will have to cut them to remove them later) and keep your dust cover closed.

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