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If I am out of collage then I am game. You guys have to remember that the US has different FPS ruling, Im not sure what it is in Ohio but we limit our guns to 400fps aeg and 450 for the snipers. So for the people that are wanting to bring mech boxes down, that will probably be fine but you may have to down the spring anyways. Then the question comes is it worth the hassel? Because just pop in a new spring into a ca then your at their limits.

I like all the ideas so far. Plus I can visit.....6 people I know in ohio from other things I do.

Also JohnUS, If you could talk to some of your guys see if they are able to rent some of their upgraded rifles or machine guns or snipers or pistols. Im sure most US players have more than one gun (specially at the price you guys pay lol ) For the snipers Im sure other snipers arent going to want some newb so we can verfy the "main,experienced" snipers here and see if they can rent a set up down there.

I also suggest through out one of the days or larger time games that we mix the US and Ca boys for a very different feel.

I'll try to contact my teacher at school, She works the border between kingston and US during the summer, So I will contact her ASAP and see if I can get numbers for high contacts or find loop holes or something for people that want to bring guns or something.

Awsome idea and Ill find out when I will be done school so I can get you to plan it around me lol jk

Edit- Email sent to my teacher and now we wait.
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