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In a recce heavy game, you should be able to live out of your ruck. Normally recce means deploying for 2-5 days. During that mission unless it's just an overnight op, you WILL try and establish a sleeping rotation. Sleep will more often than not be an hr or two at the time, and you want to make sure you actually CAN fall asleep and use that time. Sleeping bag and poncho become a necessity during colder/rainy nights. Don't confuse sleeping on a mission with sleeping on your shift. I see what Sean is talking about here, and it's more than just direct action. Yes, if you're about to pew pew, you want to be light. Either set up a patrol base in the woods and patrol out of it, or stash your ruck at the ORV before you go loud. In a real recce, there is typically no such thing as a runner. If the mission is 4 days or less there is no resupply as it leaves a signature and can compromise you. During most, if not the entire duration of the mission, you have a heavy ass ruck on your back. For game purposes, if you want to move around light, stash your ruck, cam the bastard, mark mark and feel free to come to it when you need to resupply. Go light on food, don't cheap out on the water. Your ruck should have 6-7 liters of water for a two night event.
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