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My Deadfall 2015 stuff.

Idea was to have a set-up that allows me to sustain myself for the duration of the OP that I have on me at all times (Deadfall on the NFA side is notorious for spending large portions of the OP on the run). Deadfall was last weekend so the temperatures were getting relatively low.

I carried this on my person 95% of the OP, which for me lasted about 40 hours.

- AEG (prefer AEG reliability for these games over PTW)
- Reddot
- 3x Magnifier (more for spotting than actual engagements)
- Laser

My Person:
- Boonie
- Face-mesh
- Shooting glasses
- Balaclava
- BDU pants
- Combat shirt top
- 3D chicken suit top
- UnderArmour shirt
- Wool socks
- Gloves
- Watch
- Pen & write in rain paper
- Gore-Tex boots
- Leather belt /w 1* PMAG in a kydex pouch

Chest Rig (Haley Stretegic D3 /w extra mag pouch and Multi Mission Hanger):
- 6* PMAG
- 1* Smoke Granade
- Radio /w PTT and ear piece
- Some snacks (energy bars etc.)
- Multi-tool
- Anti fog wipes

Pack (Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack):
- 3 litre bladder (finished it in the last hour of the OP, clearly did not drink enough but felt fine)
- 2 dry-sacks with waterproof socks and gloves, Gore-Tex top and bottoms, a regular BDU top, spare set of regular gloves and socks, long-johns, one additional under-shirts a cold weather neck gaiter and hat
- 1 MRE with the addition of energy bars and other snacks
- Pelican case /w NVGs
- Helmet incl. strobe and headlamp (counter weight pouch contains spare CR123 and AA batteries)
- Spare shooting glasses
- Spare battery for radio/ gun
- Chemical hand and feet warmers
- Headlamp
- Baby wipes
- Map & compass
- some para-cord & hockey tape
- Further, to the outside bottom of the pack I had attached a drysack /w a ranger blanket, inflatable "skeleton mattress" and my bivy, which however I dropped in OPs or other POIs most of the time to have a slimmer profile.

I hope I remembered everything, might have missed a thing or two.

Everything worked well, really happy with how everything worked.

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