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It says 2-3 meals, that's hardly enough for three days, that's about 16 hours for me. lol. Also, what about water? You must have a refill station or something? Base camp, FOB, etc? In 24 plus events I found hauling around sleeping apparatus, such as my eager blanket, completely unnecessary. If go retrieve it when I needed it. We kept them in a team ruck, which also held a flat of water and MREs. Also, also, also, bring extra footwear!!! New socks are great and all, but won't do much of your boots are wet. You don't want trench foot or something, trust me. Putting on fresh boots and socks after a long wet knight is like...indescribably euphoric.

Buy everything lightweight and low-profile. You can shed pounds upon pounds with smart purchasing. Everything I need fits onto my load-out, no large pack of any kind required. 3 liters of water and two meals on me at all times. Other than that, a few utility tools are okay, but leave others with your resupply. Same with pistol gas, etc. you shouldn't be using it that much in an endurance game versus your primary. Switch from stan-mags to P-mags if possible, they are much lighter.

There's lots you can do.
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