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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
So word up to all the past, present, and future airsoft saviors on here.

If you plan to "take airsoft as far as activity X", or "Get more Exposure", or "Bring in new blood" these are the people you want to get behind you.
I think airsoft in general will have to have a serious shift into a more solid and modern tactical sport, before we can really expect to hit the general public, and attract a more competitive player base. So in a way, you need to hit "X" before you get who you want. While airsoft is left so open-ended, you'll continuously attract a wide array of people who want to do their own thing with it. Not that a person or persons shouldn't be able to play their way with like minded individuals, but their will have to be a serious reclassification or differentiating name change, to show that these activities are different. Albeit some airsoft activities are very similar, some can only be compared because they involve airsoft guns.
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