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It's been a while but not because nothing has happened!

I have moved on from tough-to-work-with (and pretty expensive for what you get) PVC equipment boxes to laser-cut wood boxes for the beta testing.

That extra hollow rectangle is a standoff for the LCD so that the face of the LCD is sunken down a bit from the face of the box. This allows me to BB-proof it by slapping Lexan over it all, but also ensures that the Lexan won't touch the LCD.

Lexan is impervious to BBs but will still flex when hit. That flexing can still transmit shock to the LCD which will damage it. Problem solved, and in a simple and straightforward way! Also a very strange and elusive software bug is running out of places to hide and is living on borrowed time.

These are the kinds of unsexy problems being solved prior to closed Beta tests
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