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Originally Posted by DonP View Post
I'm sure I'm not even close to being the first to have the idea - videogames for example nailed it far before I came along.

The actual making it work part is always much harder than I expect it to be. on the surface it's pretty simple but the devil is always in the details and the implementation always winds up leading to changes and evolution of the original idea anyway.
Agreed, I can always envision how it'll be implemented, where, why etc, general design and function but I would never be able to actually make it on my own. I'm looking at that spaghetti of wiring you have in there and just about went cross-eyed lmao.

If I manage to open my own field in the future (hopefully no one gets upset about me trying?... Not sure where just yet still planning it out) I'd love to use this set up... Even have my own ideas for unique games and scenarios, field layout etc. Just need a lot of money lol...
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