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It's simple. Gearbox too loud? Redo a good shim job. Add grip with motor in it. Tighten everything down and pull the trigger. By doing this, you can some what see the motor height and adjust accordingly. Also have a close look at all the gear teeth. Make sure there's no burs and nothing is bent or out of place. Piston head too loud? Add a Sorbo Pad. Your mechbox will thank you. For accuracy, add a tightbore, SCS and a good bucking. Make sure there is no burs in the hop up chamber also. Check your piston head for burs and maybe enlarge the ports on it. Add bears to the piston head and spring guide. This will help with consistency. I'm doing all this to my 416 that's in the works. Good luck.

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Hello. I have a jg hk416 and its pretty loud. Are there things I can do to make it quieter? Also, how would I increase my accuracy? I had to take the hop up apart to adjust it because it was too strong even when it was off.
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