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I wasn't saying you were trying to troll me or anything, so lets leave it at that. Other people were, I'm not saying names but it's pretty obvious.

In other news, my PLA boots that I bought are 1. One size too large (not too bad) 2. Uncomfortable (when I bend my feet upwards, the back of the boots clip my heels) 3. Made of fake leather, got scratched, can't repair like leather, now looks ugly...
I'm not crying over a pair of $50 boots, but is there something better that I could wear for a long time, is more comfortable, and matches the PLA boots?
Allow me to re-word that, what do you wear with ur PLA loadouts, and do you have any personal recommendations?

I plan on uploading my load-out in the near future, but right now I just want my AV to pass through so I can buy some guns. Been waiting for 2 weeks, but I'm not in a rush since the RS97 Sniper hasn't been released yet. But if you're really curious, I got the ghillie cape thing in the mail half a month ago. With everything on, I kinda look like this without the helmet, the vest, and the gun. I also have a Type 07 cap, Beret, backpack, and heavy-duty raincoat.

I actually like the ghillie-cape thing quite a lot. I can wear it over everything including backpack + vest, and I can easily take it off if the situation calls for it. It breaks up my silhouette from a distance and looks cool if nothing else.

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