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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
Negative, PLA =/= Chinese Armed Police. I was the one who posted that link several months ago. You're not helping... Nice try tho.

Edit: Allow me to clarify so you don't make similar mistakes in the future. All of my questions posed on ASC had been fed through google at least twice in different wording if not more, to no avail due to either lack of sources or the language barrier barring me from Chinese sites. It's quite laughable actually, when supposed "veterans" of ASC take to bait and try to troll me using facts that I already knew. Regarding this, I'm not sure if's a matter of me not being clear in the first place, or the second party not reading my posts properly. Quod erat demonstrandum by many of my conversations with various individuals in not just the China section, but even once in the Newbie Tank.

In any case, I'm not suggesting that you were trying flame me or being patronizing. But merely telling you fact-check your responses next time before you post. T@NK has already once posted in detail the differences between PLA and Chinese Armed Police including their history. As Kingsix once said to me, "Lurk more, post less."
Easy buddy. First off, why the hell would I troll a sub-form that I just asked to be cleaned up by admins? (Who do you think suggested deleting half the useless threads in this subform? yeah that was me).

Secondly I understand the whole CAPF and PLA situation. But the fact that whoever wrote the PLA pages on wikipedia still has not updated their data as of late as IE they consider CAPF to be apart of the PLA. Therefore I doubt some specific facts on wikipedia are completely true.

Honestly I wouldn't doubt that PLA Special Forces use the NR08 for specific missions though, as just like every other special forces around the world, their arsenal of firearms vary depending on the mission at hand. And because of the lack of info about the guns usage by the PLA that just could be a valid point.

Just a word of advice, everyone on here isn't trying to hate on you or anything, its just the fact that you ask so many questions about everything in this forum, and people become annoyed and get the wrong impression about you. However everyone was like that somewhere in their ASC life IE MEEEEEE look at some of my old posts, some people still know me as the noob who couldn't stop asking about P90s and ACU.

All I am saying is that lets try to keep the questions on topic period. Sort out your issues through PMs or somewhere not in the Chinese Sub-Form.

BTW the whole here comes the spoon is a sarcastic joke. Some people also use this

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________

To get this thread more active I am quite interested on everyones FULL loadout. By this I mean just not your gear (BDUS, Vests, etc.) but your choice of weaponry aka your airsoft guns you use.

I know Kingsix & T@NK have really been the only two who have posted their entire loadouts up but I'd like to see everyone else's.

Feel free you two to still post up your still anyways, I want to see the new toys and gear you've got as of late

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