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S&T Arisaka Type 38 Infantry Rifle

S&T Type 38 Infantry Rifle - Air Cocking Rifle
Release date in August (Reserved goods)
29.800 Yen (Free Shipping) Tax Included

S&T Type 38 infantry rifle air cocking model. Real wood stock with a oil finish. The Magazine is a short type inserted on the bottom of the gun and holds 26 rounds.

The Magazine is different from the feed system on the actual gun, but it is easier to use in a Skirmish.

Lenght : 129 Cm
Weight: 3.2 Kg
Calibre: 6mm Caseless
Magazine Capacity: 26 Rounds
Buttstock: Wood with oil finish
Mechanism: Aircocking Bolt action (Spring) with Hopup

Information obtained from Rakuten

International Release will probably be in one or two years as Japan will be getting first release batch. Stand by for reviews upon product release.
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