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Originally Posted by Pfeil View Post
I have the SIG553 and it is truly beautiful. My only complaint would be that on the new version (at least the one I got) G&G no longer paint the gearbox so when the stock is folded, you can see the aluminum color.

Also, the L85 series by G&G uses full steel bodies as well. In fact, the G&G GK74 series (GKS74, GKS74U, GKMS) are also full-steel (bodies made by LCT).

The downside of full-steel like on the E&Ls, for example, is that they rust fast if you don't take care of them. A number of new E&L AK 47 owners at my field have been unpleasantly surprised by how quickly they are affected.

The G&G GMG-42 is parkerised like the real steel by the way.
Ok, thanks for the info. Any way to differentiate between the steel G&G AKs and their old pot-metal stuff?

A bit of rust on AKs makes them more realistic. Most AKs, even the cheap ones, have steel parts and rust anyway. My old CYMA AK had a pot metal body but a steel outer barrel, and the outer barrel would rust. I'd take a rusty AK over a broken AK any day.
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