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List of full steel Airsoft guns - A.K.A. the I want a gun that will last a long time thread [WIP]

This is a collaborative list of full steel Airsoft guns. If you want a gun that will last for a long time and that can take punishment, this is the list for you.

You will notice that guns on this list are made from sheet metal in real life (or piping in the case of the Sten) and are good candidates to be made at a reasonable price in Airsoft. This is why you won’t see modern plastic guns like the G36s, or guns that would require a significant amount of CNC work to be made of steel, such as Armalites (M4/etc), which would make them cost prohibitive.

To qualify as full steel, a gun has to have its externals made of steel and have no exposed pot metal. Other metals, such as aluminum, in non-stress areas are okay, as long as it's machined and not molded. With that said, pot metal is sometimes appropriate and can be overlooked if it is in a non-stress area inside the gun. This list ignores the quality of the internals because they are easily replaced.

The guide has two levels of “steeliness”, full and part. Part steel guns have steel parts where it counts, for example the receiver on Cyma AKs. If you are on a budget, they are still a decent buy, but they will not be as tough and durable as the guns listed in the full steel lists.

While it is possible to upgrade quite a few guns to full steel, getting restricted parts such as receivers in Canada is awfully hard, so these guns are ignored. Same for upgraded full steel WE pistols sold by RA-Tech and other Asian companies, getting them in Canada is hard and cost prohibitive, so they will not be listed.

Electric Guns

Full steel AEGs
Action Sterling
AGM Sten
DBoys Aks (some models are full steel, be very careful)
Classic Army SVD (full steel version with real wood only, maybe discontinued)
ICS MP5 Pro (not to be confused with the Proline Series)
G&G MG42
LCT PP19 Bizon (Discontinued)
LCT PP19-01 Vityaz
LCT VSS Vintorez
Real Sword AKs
Real Sword SVD
RWA Tec-9
Silverback PP19 Bizon
VFC AKs (discontinued)

Part steel AEGs
A&K MK46 SAW (newer models)
Ares PPSh
Beta Project Sterling
Classic Army AKs (newer models only, watch out for the old stuff)
Cyma AKs (new style with pins, you have to be careful, they have a lot of poor quality pot metal models)
Cyma SVD
DBoys AKs (most other models)
Echo1 GAT (Tec-9)
ICS L85/6

Upcoming steel AEGs

Gas Guns

Full steel GBBRs
WE SVD (full steel and real wood version only)

Part steel GBBRs
Well clone of the WE AK74UN (terrible gun according to early reviews, avoid it, even though it’s mostly steel, the rivets holding it together are made of cheese)

Full steel GBB Pistols
Inokatsu 1911a1
RWA GRP 1911

Spring Guns

As far as I know, none exist.

This list is a work in progress, any help is welcome. I listed the steel guns I know about, but I’m sure I missed a lot. If you know of a full steel gun not listed, reply to this thread and I will add it. A source showing it is full metal would be good to have, but I’ll take your word for it. If I included a non-steel gun by mistake, feel free to correct me.

I would need additional info on these guns:
All brands of PPShs : mostly steel as far as I know, a second opinion would be great.
Snow Wolf Grease gun
Snow Wolf M1938 Italian WW2 SMG

Crap, I managed to post this in accessories discussion, big brain fart of inattention on my part. I would appreciate if the list could be moved, otherwise delete it and I will repost it.
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