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assuming a 0.2g pellet, with muzzle velocity of 400fps

400fps = 120m/s, avg speed = 60m/s assuming constant acceleration
barrel time = 0.55m/60m/s = 0.0091666s
acceleration = 120m / 0.009166s = 13,091 m/s^2

force = mass * accelleration
force = 0.0002 * 13,091m/s^2 = 2.62N

barrel area = 0.0000283m^2

pressure = force/area = 92.66kN/M^2 = 13.44psig (pressure over atmospheric)

That's kind of neat because that corresponds to an atmospheric pressure of 1.91atm which is roughly in the ballpark of the 1.7 factor that venture is quoting.
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