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Originally Posted by Outcast569 View Post
Any one translate all of that. Curious about this project.

Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
700m range? with a solid projectile at max pressure?

what's the usable, safe fps range of this cannon for airsoft use?

I'd love to see it fire canisted shots of BBs or airbangs.
Originally Posted by mousqueterre View Post
Fox 1.5 km avec 500bb pour 125lbs, juste pas d allure..... Mais il travaillerais securitairement a 50 lbs.... Je l ais detruits.... Dans les prochaines semaines je vais en fabriquer un qui travail a 125 lbs mais avec une chambre simple au lieux de double.....De cette maniere il va etre proteger contre les innocents))
Dans la version que tu vois le canon est filleter )))

Mais t inquiete tu va surement voir de l artillerie fonctionnel l anne prochaine,il y a un organisateur je vais taire son nom qui va construire 2 obusier 75mm, pareil mais dans un plus gros calibre........ A suivre....

It was working safely at 50 pounds. But, I destroyed it. In the next weeks, I will build one that works with 125 pounds but with only one chamber instead of two. This way, it'll protect it against idiots ))
In the version above, the canon is "filleter" (No clue what this means, I'm a airsoft nub. It seems to be a good thing.)

But don't worry, you shall see the artillery working next year. There is an organizer I shall not name who will build 2 75mm, identical but with a bigger caliber. More soon.

My english isn't perfect, and I know nothing of airsofts. Hope it helped.
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