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New Airsoft Innovations Spoon Kit Promotion!

You've probably noticed the flashy new grenade in the top right corner. Airsoft Innovations has officially launched the Spoon Kit for their Tornado Grenade, and they've got a pretty wicked deal for a free Spoon Kit going on right now. The details are on and ASCMart is fully honouring the promotions.

If you're having trouble with the ad and you want to turn it off, just go to

Here's the official blurb including details regarding a video contest they're running:

Airsoft Innovations is proud to announce that we’ve released a Spoon kit and a Distraction Device ”Bang” Kit for the Tornado Airsoft Grenade. Checkout our website at for an opportunity to get a Free Spoon Kit, new videos, and a July & August video contest. We hope our Tornado accessories add an exciting new dimension to your game.

Tornado Grenade Video Contest - win a 3 pack of Tornado grenades and other prizes in July and in August. Get details and submit your You Tube videos at

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