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im not sure if anyone has suggested this yet but in my mind seems to be the most reasonable option. ship the gun with a clearsoft slide... then it is nolonger consided a replica and would pass customs because it does not look like the real fire arm. then have the real slide mailed to you afterwards. i was thinking about contacting redwolf and trying this. I live in an border city so ive been down to the customs office a few times and they realy dont care about the laws lol. they basicaly told me if it looks or can be mistaken for the real firearm its not allowed to be imported, but if the slide was clear.....thoughts on this please?

Also i was thinking that the Hi Cappa should be able to be imported because it isnt a replica of a firearm. so technicaly then it isnt a firearm or prohibited weapon it is considered a toy, but because it "looks" like a firearm it is not allowed according to the 2 customs officers i talked to.
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