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Originally Posted by T@NK View Post
PLA doesn't use 97/97B, thats true, however they are the export version of the issued 95/95B( 95B are being used as the on board weapon by the PLA Navy, kinda like the CQB-R/MK18 in the US navy), so if you wanna cosplay PLA then they are the best choices. Again, PAP IS NOT PLA, PLA don't use any MP5 and their variants( my friends in PLA told me their SF tested MP5 and despised it).You can use MP5 when you cosplay PAP,SWAT and HK SDU.

As your first airsoft gun, I'd suggest something not too cheap but with decent quality, do not start with any GBBR/GBB-SMG, once they broke down its hard to fix by yourself. G&P/Classic Army would be a good choice, not very high end stuff, easy to find spare parts. My personal preference would be a RS product anytime, their price is not expensive and the quality are the best(even compare with systema, I can imagine the RS m4/m16 AEG kicking Systema PTW's ass when they came out), on the other hand, their weapon for choice are not as many as G&P/Classic Army. my advice, if you don't have enough money for a RS weapon, save it and don't waste it on other crappy guns.
Better save up on a Inokatsu then.
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