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Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
Cosplayers aren't airsofters until they play, until then they are generally referred to as chairsofters.

BTW, nice gear!
I would probably consider a full finger glove, since getting shot in the nails without them kinda sucks haha. Up to you though...

Anyways, just get a kraken (paint it) or a cyma ak to start if you really are on a tight budget and start playing! You can use this as your back-up or loaner gun after you have enough to get your QBU-88.

Go sign up for Operation Rhino to meet tons of people at once too. It is in July, you got lots of time to get the rest of the stuff you need by then.
How am I going to get there? o_O

I've never driven in highways by myself, and uh.... are there even buses to that place?

Edit: I just realized its in July, not in June as I've read incorrectly. That gives me plenty of time to plan. ^^ Anyways, any carpool would be great, and if I get my gear ready to go, I'll sign up for the Russian team. I'll hang with you guys if that's not a problem, and yeah....

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