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Originally Posted by T@NK View Post
m14 pouch should be fine, AK pouch would be too deep to reach. The PLA have their special designed molle pouch for type 88 mags.
If that's the case, do you have any recommendations for tactical vests? Generally speaking I want to try to stay as true to the PLA's loadout as possible. However, I'm pretty sure I don't have contacts in China to secure said specially designed molle pouches or even their Type 06 vest. (That is, unless someone here can rectify that ^_^). As an alternative, I know they have used different types of vests in the past (like the crossdraw vest) for photo-ops. That being said, what do you guys recommend?

For your troubles, the PLA gears I have so far.

P.S. Cosplayers can be airsofters too~ ^____^;
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