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Originally Posted by T@NK View Post
chill out kiddo, not trying to make fun of you, I was asking the question.

@ Tank I thought you were teasing me about my use of the word so I teased u back. I was plenty chilled, all in good fun right?

Originally Posted by Najohn View Post
I think he means this

Anyways less talk more photos. Post your armoury if need be, just something!
Yes that's the one I was talking about.

An export version called the KBU-97A is also produced and marketed for security forces of other foreign countries. This derivative utilizes 5.56 45 mm NATO ammunition although, instead of STANAG magazines, a modified version of QBU-88 magazine is used to feed the rounds.
Also, nice NVG

Edit: Yeah, I contacted a representative and he told me it will be out eventually. The date however, is as of yet unknown. I'm in no hurry as right now I have insufficient funds to buy that even if it came out tomorrow. If I were to play more airsoft over the summer, I may have to end up renting guns....

Dear Sir,
Yes ,the RS 97 sniper rifle is in our new product plan ,but for now ,we got temorarily no news from the company on its release date or the
price for it.

Any news regarding the new product release will be published on our offcial website until final process, pls concern on it.

Thank you.

RS International

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