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Originally Posted by Kingsix View Post
A SKS Type 56 rifle was alot more commonplace in the PLA than the Type 56 assault rifle. Only Officers where armed with type 56 assault rifles. During the First Sino Vietnam war the PLA having donated the vast majority of their Type 56 assault rifles to the Vietnamese only had the Type 56 SKS to armed their troops.
Not exactly ture, in the Sina-india war, the chinese army had already learned the importance of firepower combination of 56assult and 56semi. Right before the Sina-vietnam war, troops were issue with 8~9 56 assult rifles, 2 56 semi(sks) and 1 support weapon in each squad (11 men). 56 semi(sks) were mainly used as long range suppression weapon in Sina-vietnam war.

the photo of my previous post was a prototype of SKS AEG.

also, for morden PLA loadout, you can do this:

photo was taken in 2010 joint rehearse between China and Pakistan.

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