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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
That AK74 mag looks a bit out of place.
BTW, I'm not sure why there aren't many SKS airsoft rifles being used in PLA-Red Army loadouts, since that's what most soldiers opt for even more so than Type 54 according to what I've read
Bakelite mag with a Curve is a AKM mag. AKM mags are backward compatible with 7.62x39mm round. A SKS Type 56 rifle was alot more commonplace in the PLA than the Type 56 assault rifle. Only Officers where armed with type 56 assault rifles. During the First Sino Vietnam war the PLA having donated the vast majority of their Type 56 assault rifles to the Vietnamese only had the Type 56 SKS to armed their troops. Having learned their lesson from the massive in-balance of firepower the PLA started to issue their troops with the Type 63/68 assault rifle and later on the Type 81. Interesting fact the Type 56 assault rifle is considered a Submachinegun in the PLA inventory. Man Tank I can't wait to get the Type 56 Semi automatic carbine looks like a interesting gun.
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