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Haha it's actually been pretty hard to find the main combat vest, apparently the surplus stores don't have them, and G&P did make replicas which are discontinued. The Desert version is being sold for really cheap though... I've asked a few friends to look for me haha since my Chinese isn't the best but yeah...

The one I got is the only one I could find in Taiwan ERDC Camo, as everything else seems to be only available in American Woodland too.

Gonna go with those other light vests eventually though for mobility like what this guy is wearing.... (I can get away with OD or Woodland :P)

Or hopefully I can get a cheap delta replica...

Then there is cheap body armour like this I will eventually get since it's around $26 before shipping (but need to get someone to bring it back )

I have so far only found one place that sells the new digital bdus in Taiwan, but yeah pricey compared to their regular EDRC :P (I prefer the ERDC look more anyways) (They also sell WWII and PLA Stuff )

My other choice was to use the older setups... Just bought my H-Harness, gonna use current pouches for now, have to wait till I get a chance to go back or someone comes back to get some of those pouches or something.

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