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My loadout for deadfall 2015 (including webbing and 3DAP but not CP bag):
--- Snugpak jacket
--- British softie full zip trousers
--- 3/4 length inflatable matress
--- DPM Basha
--- Bungee cords, paracord
Clothing (Stored in waterproof stuff sacks)
--- Goretex top and bottom
--- Pullover fleece
--- windshirt
--- Polartec Watch Cap
--- Insulating gloves (black diamond softshell glove liners)
--- 3 pairs smartwool socks, goretex socks
--- 4L L of Water
--- oatmeal, peanut butter
---- Instant coffee
--- High Energy Snacks (Clif bars, GU)
---- Lifeventure triple ammo pouch sized mug. Never leave a CP or camp without it full of hot beverage or soup at night or in the cold!
Individual Tools
--- Spoon
--- Paracord
--- Fire starting kit
--- Metal Cup x2 and cup stand with fuel tabs
---- 2x MRE heaters
--- Ammo and Loader
--- Batteries (lights, gun, radio)
----TP, hand sanitizer
---- lens cleaning wipes and see clear
Shared Equipment
--- Etool
---- camo net

--- Long Sleeve wool baselayer
--- DPM SAS smock
--- Full Length Baselayer Pants in Synthetic
--- Uniform Pants
Head / Hands / Feet
--- Boonie
--- mexnaix fast fit
Salomon goretex hiking boots

I COULD have been self-sufficent with this loadout but we had the luxury of returning to CP to resupply every few hours or so at which point I had a rucksack full of stuff.

I tend to eat more snacks now unless at the CP because getting out the stove can take a while and makes noise. I think I lived off of 1 backpackers pantry meal and cliff bars most of the game this year (30 hours).
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