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It's a bust

I've worked with Zinc before and I know it's awful to work with but it is workable. This body however is a bad casting, I accidentally dropped it on my CARPET from 4ish feet and the rear hinge broke off (not to mention the JB weld) I got my brother to drop both this and a plastic ak frame (Nothing in them, as empty as can be) from head height on to cement which is what I consider an average amount of force an airsoft gun gets (er, correction, this is the average force MY airsoft guns get, this is why I have a stamped steel L85a2). The results were...interesting, I'll post the pics in a little while but until then I say this: DON'T game with a zinc body.
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My only problem is that all my guns smell like mint toothpaste which kinda disturbs my family for some reason.

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