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Its true, if it looks like a firearm,its probly not gona make it in. For exampl lets say anything in the seburo series, its not a real gun, but some have attempted to import and have failed misserably.

Nice idea on the clear slides, but you may want to consider that other parts of the gun maybe illegal to import as well. Say the frame or lower reciever.

When it comes to out of country importation and the CBSA I just think of it like this. They can take it if they want to, and most of the time they want to.

Originally Posted by Fiya View Post
You'd have to look this up, but isn't the slide a restricted item? As in you cannot import that either? Someone else comfirm/disprove this.
As is to my understanding, you can order them in at your own risk, I believe it has something to do with length, a slide of a certain length is permisable. That is not to say they may not take it anyways.

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