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The TG6 received it's first taste of combat today at Xtreme Tactics. Nearing the end of the game I peeked around a corner and saw two or three enemies. I had the TG6's split ring looped through a zipper on my body armor so I dropped the MP5 to it's sling, grabbed the TG6, ripped it off my chest and lobbed it around the corner. A few seconds later a BANG followed by calls of HIT!

Did I mention you can fill the diaphragm with BBs?

First deployment, first kill!

I see myself buying at least one more and a pile of reloads. This is the ultimate in cool for CQB. I'll bring it to Keystone Strike 2.5 for anyone that's coming and they can take a look at it. Sorry, didn't have time to grab my video camera this time (had my BD dinner to rush to before the game!).
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