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Received my TG6 Thumper non-pyro flashbang grenade

I ordered a TG6 Thumper non-pyro flashbang grenade from Non Lethal Training Munitions LLC last week. It arrived today along with twelve additional reloads for a total of 16 shots.

First let me state that I have NOT functioned the device yet so I can't comment on it's volume yet. It will be given it's first trial run at Xtreme Tactics tomorrow. I am only commenting right now on it's overall appearance, build, and quality.

Simply speaking, this thing kicks ass.

It is machined from a solid billet of aluminum and weighs a full pound. It gives a great heft when held and feels good in the hand, something you want to pitch into the next room. It is anodized in a glossy blue color to identify it as a training aid; other colors are available upon request but this is primarily a law enforcement training tool. There is a black plastic bumper on the bottom which allows it to stand upright. At the top is the black plastic burst diaphragm which produces the report. The captive spoon is held on with a solid steel C-ring with a stainless split ring to grab onto. The entire device screams solid when you hold it.

Unscrewing the grenade reveals the CO2 cartridge pocket. Immediately noticable are the massive threads and huge O-ring, and plenty of lubricant. Again a testament to the quality put into this device. A CO2 cartridge is inserted into the pocket and it is screwed back together. This pierces the cartridge and allows CO2 to escape to the valve held down by the spoon. When the C-clip is pulled and the spoon released, the valve opens and allows CO2 to flow into the plastic burst diaphragm at the top of the grenade. The diaphragm fails at a certain PSI and a sharp report is produced as the gas is suddenly released. Time from spoon release to explosion is approximately 1.5 seconds, much like a real flashbang grenade.

The burst diaphragm is a simple affair that requires a quick 90 degree turn to lock in or take off. A swirl of lubricant is visible inside the expansion chamber.

The massive threads and O-ring:

I am extremely impressed with the workmanship put into this unit. I can only hope it performs as well as it looks. Although it is intended only to produce a sharp report, a small amount of baby powder or other suitable substance can be placed into the burst diaphragm to produce a smoke cloud for added visual effect, or possibly a small handful of BBs. I'll toy around with it and get some video.
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