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Been a few people asking how far away this is.


Regina 1 hour
Moose Jaw 1/2 hour
Winnipeg 7 1/2 hours
Calgary 7 1/2 hours

Closest Airport - Regina (WestJet and AirCanada), I also believe BearSkin Airlines flies here for those who have access to them (North Ontario, Manitoba, Sask, Alberta).

From North Bay, Ontario it is about a 22 hour drive. I've done it several times not a bad trip if you have multiple drivers. Hardest Part is getting out of Ontario lol.

From Toronto or SW Ontario regions you may want to look at cutting across the states via Windsor and comming up through the south via Manitoba or Southern Sask. About a 26 hour drive.

From Vancouver it is approximately a 19 hour drive.

From Kelowna it is approximately a 15 hour drive.
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