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Post Bringing in airsoft as a Uni student

Hello ASC!

I am from HK, and I am currently looking forward to studying in Canada. I would very much like to continue playing airsoft during the 4 years, and I would appreciate that my replicas are here with me as I really liked my own custom work. I would only bring my 2/3 pistols and one more slide kit if that can be done.

The thread of importing help me cleared up some basics, but I feel like there should be more to it.

If I apply according to the normal schedule, I should be in Canada around August 2020. However, I will only reach 18 years old in December 2020. I am not sure what legal implications there are, but hey, that's why I am here.

Also, from what I read from the FAQ, I can bring in the whole pistol minus the grip/frame (I like G series a lot, and all of them are G series derivatives) without much legal paperwork. If I were to bring in the whole pistol legally, what are my options?

On a more specific note, I seriously cannot find any rules and regulations against storing airsoft in dorms in most Unis. I want to make sure that I do not get in trouble for bringing them and storing them in the dorm. I do have common sense around airsoft and guns (which I find rare amongst the airsoft friends of my age) and know the basics of the etiquettes of storing and transporting airsoft. I genuinely wish to have access to kit and guns I currently own when I study in Canada.

Thanks in advance. I might PM you guys on specific follow-ups if it is needed

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